Why many wept, but not for joy [Mc]

I did not weep for joy. But I agree with everything else that John Piper says in this video.


FinallyFast = FantasticallyStupid [Gator]

File this one under “Commercials I Can’t Stand”.

If it was just dumb, I don’t think I would mention it. If it were crass or boring, I wouldn’t be writing about it. This crosses the line, past stupid, almost to criminal.

I just saw it again, and immediately said to myself – that’s it, I’m writing about this.

The commercial is for It begins with a guy complaining that his new computer is really slow. Then…well, watch this two-minute version, then we’ll talk…

Did you hear the announcer? “Make any computer fast.” Of course, he says that while the text on-screen tells you that FinallyFast is for PC computers only. That means, not Macs.

But, wait…what was it the first guy, the one complaining about his slow computer, was using? An old iMac. And the second person in the commercial was using…a MacBook.

On further inspection, Ascentive, the company touted as having been featured in BusinessWeek and Forbes, WAS indeed featured in Forbes…in 2002…for its program that lets users spy on supposedly private instant messages. That’s right…they were featured for…spyware.

Nice. And evil. And a site and company to avoid.


Current favorite commercial [Gator]

It made me laugh. If you know basketball, or are familiar…even a little bit…with college basketball, this may make you laugh, too.


Who You Really Are [Mc]

Saw this great video on the Ragamuffin Soul blog. Great for a few reasons.

It’s a great follow-up to my previous post about the President. What a wonderful tribute by two who know him best.

It is also thought-provoking for any dad, but especially any dad with a public title. I’m in the ministry, on staff at a church, so I have one of those titles. Pastor. Different than a president, but with some of the same pitfalls. You can forget who you are. You can forget what – and who – are really important. And you can forget that while you try to change the world and try to bring change into your sphere of influence, the greatest purposes are found under your own roof.

That’s as introspective as I intend on being for the next couple of days. happy birthday to me. tomorrow.


My Kind of Counseling [Rev]

I saw this on Jeff Leake’s blog, The Launch Pad. He said that he was not recommending this counseling methodology…but I like it.


Another Mac vs. PC Battle [Gator]

Saw this YouTube clip over on Josh Griffin’s blog (which he saw on someone else’s blog, who, I think, saw it somewhere on Facebook…) Really creative, but I wasn’t sure what the ending was supposed to mean.

And – just to save you a minute, if you’ve been trained like my children to wait to the end of the credits before you leave the theater – the last minute of this video is all credits, nothing else. Feel free to leave.


Non-Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, not Happy Turkey Day. The only happy turkeys are…well, you can’t be a happy turkey. Either you’re dead or you’re still a turkey. Not a great choice. The point of the day is not to celebrate turkeys, it’s to celebrate thanksgiving…you know, the giving of thanks.

And it’s not just the giving of thanks, but giving thanks to our Creator, our Maker, the One who provides life and all the good things we enjoy.

Like turkey (and dressing and mashed potatoes and football and the Gators and – you get the idea).

To repeat myself, we don’t celebrate turkeys, we kill them.

That would also make this a good day to kill the Turkey Spirit. That would be the attitude that doesn’t give thanks, that takes things for granted, that complains at everything, that is awed by nothing.

That’s the intro to this clip, which is perfect for Thanksgiving, and which I may use the next time I preach about complaining.

(Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite clips ever.)

Sci-Fi Tribute

I think you have to make up your own joke about this guy. Except it’s not really him singing. It would be cooler (and slightly more disturbing) if it was. But it’s actually a group called Moosebutter. Still, it’s a pretty good video if you haven’t seen it.

What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church

Funny and painfully true. The obvious answer is that most of us would never have heard of Starbucks if they operated the way the church does. (And, no, it’s not a bad thing to operate your church with quality and forethought.)

Never Be Surprised by Man’s Ability to Deceive

Having previously posted the “Healer” video, and now regretting it, here is the sad follow-up to that video. I’d like to be mad at the guy, but I pity him, and feel very sad for people hurt by this.

Which is better – to live in this life while cut off from God, or to leave this life while having full connection to God? Sort of sounds like “gain the whole world or lose your soul”, doesn’t it?

When Oops is a Good Thing

Alley-oop dunks are a great example of teamwork. The one who actually dunks has to have the ability to jump and handle a basketball, but the real beauty of the alley-oop – from my perspective, probably since I don’t have the dunk-ability – is in the execution of the pass. This video has some beautiful and creative passing.

Moving Story and Song of Healing

A moving story of the song, Healer. Watch this, then watch the live Hillsongs performance.

She’s Running, Too???

An odd coincidence, isn’t it?

A rule to live by

Saw this great video on Josh Griffin’s More Than Dodgeball blog. Love the video; I guess I need to check out the book. (And, yes, I find myself complaining way too much.)

Good Takeoff

We recently did a takeoff of the Levitra commercials on the Church Drama Podcast. It was okay. Then I saw this takeoff from NewSpring Church which I thought was really good.