Wiilationships on iTunes

After several attempts, we were finally able to begin recording in our Sunday school class last week. The audio still isn’t great, but at least if you are not able to be with us, you can listen in.
Our class is called “Wii” and the broadcast is called “Wiilationships”, not because we play the Wii in class, or even talk about it (much), but because the idea of playing well together is what we’re trying to accomplish.
You’re invited to listen, comment on our blog, and play along.

Wii Did It!

Count the McDaniel household among those that have come under the influence of the Wii.

After several months of casually looking, I walked into WalMart last Wednesday afternoon, only to be confronted by SIX Wii’s. I had promised myself – unbeknownst to Trudi and the kids – that if I saw one anytime, I would purchase it…if I still had the cash.

I’ve been saving birthday, Christmas, and casual money for a couple of years. My first goal had been a killer sound system for our big-screen TV. But that had been replaced by the goal of a new iMac. However, since I hadn’t been able to save a big enough amount, I had finally settled on purchasing a Mac Mini the next time they are updated.

Unless I saw a Wii first.

I did, so we are now the active owners of the Wii. I also got a couple of games and everyone has really gotten into it. Here you see Shae – who was unhappy to have her picture taken, but not enough to stop playing.


Trudi and I have started teaching a Sunday School class together…the first time we’ve ever tried to teach an adult class together. I’ve called it “Wii” (hope I won’t get any nasty-grams from Nintendo’s lawyers), because it’s about relationships…making the two “i’s” form one “we”.

So far, so good. We had our second week (or is that “wiik”?) and people seem like they will enjoy it. We will be looking at personality types, love languages and other relationship items.

Next wiik Trudi is at the helm. It should be fun.

And we have our own blog for the class. It’s the Wii-lationships blog. I forgot to record the class yesterday, but when we do, it will be available as a podcast, too.