Dish Diss

This picture is great for this post. I think it’s the same clock they use at Dish Network to schedule customer service appointments. If they used a clock. Actually, if there was one that just had the numbers 8 and 5, that would probably be good enough. But the lack of hands on the clock is completely perfect.

Can you tell I’m not happy with Dish Network?

To be fair, I’m not happy with every large company that has a convoluted phone system, anonymous first-name only operators, and no way to reach someone who has any real information.

“What’s the name and number of the company that will be doing the service call?”
“We don’t have that information.”
“Then how do they know to come? Telepathy?”

Directv and Comcast might be frustrating, too. But Dish stinks.

It’s a Family Event

At the risk of being accused of worshipping dumb idols, I’ll admit that we – as a family – are regular viewers of American Idol. (Some people just need to get over the name. Please.)

We have our favorites. Last night I thought Jason Castro was one of the best. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I like his sound. And something about him reminds me of a friend of ours. (What do you think, Rachel?)

Just to clarify, our friend IS a sharp guy. Still, there’s something…

The Madness is Coming

Admittedly, I am not looking forward to the NCAA Men’s Tournament as much this year as I have the past couple of years. The two-time defending National Champions might not even make it into the field.

But it’s still the best period of sports of the year – the Tournament, Opening Day for baseball, the Masters – all within a few weeks.

Legendary…and not so much

It was a DVR night. Watched Dream Wife with Trudi and Shae. Two words – insipid; dumb. Disappointing, too, since it stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr (three years before they did An Affair to Remember.

Then watched a couple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. (Kate needs to watch herself on TV sometime so she can see what a nag she is.)

This followed an late afternoon with Sam, Shae, and Dalton at the movies watching I am Legend. Well made, but highly unenjoyable for me. Too much tension. (PG-13 because of the violence and horror genre.)

Friday Night Lite

Just got done with our Friday Family TV Night Tradition Thing. We love to watch Monk and Psych, two shows on the USA network. They have a weird schedule, where they show about six shows, then take a few months off. So, now we have to wait until January for new episodes. Sigh.

Numbers comes back (on CBS) in a couple of weeks. Another favorite.


Speaking of departures and arrivals…

“Cheers” was a great television comedy. Yes, there was the drawback that it was all about a bar, so the material was not always fit to watch, but for the most part, it was consistently funny.

The best bits were with the Coach, Norm, and Cliff. Here’s a clip from the very first episode, with Ted Danson as the lead character, Sam Malone.

Did you know that it’s been exactly 14 years since the last episode of Cheers? Thursday, May 20, 1996. It really is coincidental that we watched that last episode in the hospital, while we tried to figure out what to name our newborn son.

Happy Birthday, Sam!