She’s a Little Lioness

Trying to describe someone can be difficult. It seems like you would need words to describe every moment of their life, because each one is different and reveals something else about them.

Try to describe someone with just one word, and you can come up many words short of really capturing who they are.

I’ll try it anyway with our Summer, who turns 12 today. The word I’ll pick is energy.

We are mostly a family of phlegmatics, with some melancholy on the side. For those of you who haven’t read personality books, like those from Florence Littauer and Tim Lahaye, the phlegmatic personality is most compared to the ox – slow, steady, reliable. The melancholy personality is concerned with detail, precision, and having things just so. They are also liable to be slow.

Summer gives our Phleg-Mel family a push. Although she has some of the same familial traits, she brings zest and power into the mix. When she’s happy, you know it. She loves to go full throttle, she loves to do things, she loves to try new things, and she loves to love.

Just look at that bright, energetic smile, and you might know what I mean. Even if I didn’t use enough words to fully describe it.

Happy Birthday, Summer!

Children Make a Father

Happy Father’s Day. I share in that by virtue of my four wonderful children (given to me by God and the lovely Trudi.) Here are just a few pictures from this weekend of the fab four.

Children make a granddad, too. (Happy Father’s Day, dad!)