Super Day

BUSY weekend. Here are some pictures from our annual All Church Picnic, the one that happens to always fall on the same day as some big football game. Of course, because of the picnic, we have to cancel the evening service.

Really. It’s the picnic’s fault.

But we always have a TON of people. The free hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, and soda probably has something to do with that. And people bring a lot of other food, too.

I’m in at 6:30am – Jack, our breakfast chef, always beats me in – and I’m last out, about 5pm. It’s a long day, with a lot of work in between.

But everyone has a great time. Glad it’s over.

Picture #1: The guys wait to test their muscle.

Picture #2: Sam gives his “Of COURSE I’m going to hit the bell” look.

Picture #3: Pastor Pete, master of the fun.

Picture #4: Dalton is SO STRONG, he bends the handle! Or my iPhone doesn’t do action photography. One or the other.

Picture #5: Sam hits one out of the park. Or to the cat. Again. But not the bell. At least he was happy about it.

Making NFL Picks

My picks for this weekend in the USA Today pool I’m in. Other members of the pool mostly are connected with Assemblies of God HQ in Springfield, Missouri. Was invited by my sister, Tammy. (Hey – Tam – no fair looking at my picks. Specially since I’m ahead of you right now!)