I hate when News people use statistics to lie [Gator]

A new article from the AP sounds the alarm: PEOPLE HATE FLORIDA!

Actually, using driver’s license data, it says that only 410,000 people a year are moving here, as opposed to 585,000 in 2003. Okay, that’s down 30%…but still it’s 80% of the population of Wyoming. Moving in. Every year.


More to come [Gator]

Where do I begin?

A great, great, great day to be a Florida Gator. From the moment that Major Wright separated Oklahoma’s Manny Johnson from his senses, it was a wonderful thing to watch the Gators capture their 3rd National Championship. [The picture is from]

And there’s more to come, we think. It’s good to be on top. It’s good not to be Florida State or Miami or Notre Dame or Tennessee or many other teams that can only look up from their position far down the mountain.

One of the best things about this was being able to share it with my children, having been able to attend games with them this year, so they got to experience what a championship season is like. It’s good.

You Can Only Have Harmony If You’re Singing the Same Song

This article from the Birmingham (U.K.) Post on harmony between Muslims and Christians
is full of interesting tidbits. Of course, it’s also full of babble, and babble can be interesting.

Harmony is a nice concept. The concept of harmony says that we all have different abilities and backgrounds and things we bring to every relationship, and we have to learn how to get along even when we’re not alike. A successful choir will blend the different textures of the voices into a harmonious whole.

In other words, we can have unity without having uniformity.

But if you are singing two completely different songs, it’s hard to harmonize. To quote the author of the article:

There do remain some major theological sticking points, in particular the idea of the Trinity, Jesus’ Divinity and his Resurrection and Ascension.

Sticking points. You think? And who do you suppose is being asked to overlook these sticking points – Muslims or Christians?

Sorry. My song doesn’t change.