I hate when News people use statistics to lie [Gator]

A new article from the AP sounds the alarm: PEOPLE HATE FLORIDA!

Actually, using driver’s license data, it says that only 410,000 people a year are moving here, as opposed to 585,000 in 2003. Okay, that’s down 30%…but still it’s 80% of the population of Wyoming. Moving in. Every year.

Never Be Surprised by Man’s Ability to Deceive

Having previously posted the “Healer” video, and now regretting it, here is the sad follow-up to that video. I’d like to be mad at the guy, but I pity him, and feel very sad for people hurt by this.

Which is better – to live in this life while cut off from God, or to leave this life while having full connection to God? Sort of sounds like “gain the whole world or lose your soul”, doesn’t it?