WordPress vs. WordPress

A little technogeekery for the non-technogeeks. is a WordPress blog. That means that I use the WordPress software to create, post, and manage this website. The WordPress software is open-source and can be downloaded for free from

DreamHost is my hosting provider. Not only do they host the domain – – they host all the sub-domains that I have created, including,, and

As you can see, having a hosting provider provides me with more flexibility and control. There are also some sub-directories you can’t see in my account that I use to store different things. I have a couple of websites that I play with – but I’m the only one who knows they are there. (If you’ve found them, let me know!)

The disadvantage of this strategy is that I have to keep the software up-to-date. While DreamHost makes this very easy (the video at the top shows how it’s done), it is still another step I have to take.

The easier path is to use One of the reasons I went to my own hosting provider was because I wanted my own domain name. This wasn’t possible through

Now it is. And this makes much more attractive. It is also – in most cases – much less expensive. If I’m only using my hosting provider for one domain, it only costs $15/year through That’s less than two months hosting with most hosting providers. also has a lot of built-in features, including stats, that can only be done through plug-ins with software. Working with plug-ins can be very time consuming.

I have also used and all the Googleness that it has.

But if you are considering beginning your own website, I would recommend looking at


Cool new service: YouVersion Live

YouVersionYouVersion is both an iPhone app and an internet website that combines the Bible in multiple versions with social networking features. If you go to, you can see the full functionality of all that this unique online Bible offers. But the coolest new feature is YouVersion LIVE, which gives churches and other groups the ability to interact with the congregation.

The feature was turned on this past Wednesday and we created our first live event for Faith. We have since created a few other live events. We are learning what we can do and how to make it better. We are not only using it for worship services, but for special events, such as the Tim Hawkins concert on November 8. Go to to see what we’re doing.