Breakneck speed [Mc]

Ever have somebody say, “You’ll break your neck doing that!”? Ever travel at “breakneck speeds”? Ever tell someone that you were so mad you wouldn’t mind “breaking somebody’s neck”?

Of course, all those are metaphorical and no one’s neck ever really gets broken.

So, it was odd to hear my dad telling people that my mom “broke her neck” this week. Specifically, she broke the C1 and C2 vertebrae. Surgery went well and she is now in a neck brace for about 3 months. There was no nerve damage, therefore, no paralysis or other things that can happen when vertebrae and the spinal column get messed with.

Healing will be a slow process, but we are thankful for the prayers and love of many, and the healing and power of God.

Never Be Surprised by Man’s Ability to Deceive

Having previously posted the “Healer” video, and now regretting it, here is the sad follow-up to that video. I’d like to be mad at the guy, but I pity him, and feel very sad for people hurt by this.

Which is better – to live in this life while cut off from God, or to leave this life while having full connection to God? Sort of sounds like “gain the whole world or lose your soul”, doesn’t it?

Moving Story and Song of Healing

A moving story of the song, Healer. Watch this, then watch the live Hillsongs performance.