More Pictures While Driving

(done safely…really) The iPhone makes some things appear farther away then they actually were. These balloons were filling my view, much closer than these pictures look like. Taken yesterday morning as I was driving to Orlando for Bible Quiz.

Podcasting the night away

This is the setup I use when I’m recording at home. The output goes into Garageband on my Powerbook.

Getting ready to record an entry for the BibleQuizPodcast. I do this weekly though the day of the week sometimes fluctuates.


While preparing my BibleQuizPodcast the other day, I was thinking about Paul’s admonition to the Galatians to “live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” It seems that Paul is setting before us the choice of living naturally versus living –

Okay, this is where I got stuck, because my first inclination is to say natural as opposed to supernatural. That’s fine, but I think it gives the wrong picture. Telling myself that I need to live supernaturally makes me think of walking on water, raising the dead, wearing a cape and flying faster than a speeding bullet.

Yes, I think that the supernatural manifestations of God’s Spirit – such as healing the sick – should be evident among us on a regular basis. Certainly on a more regular basis than they are.

But I don’t think that’s what Paul was really driving at. The real point seems to be the natural versus the Spirit-natural. It’s not the big, fantastic manifestations that are necessarily important. It is the regular, everyday manifestations of God’s Spirit that should take over our lives.

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. That’s the real evidence of Spirit-natural living.

Saying – I can’t help it; that’s just the way I am – is evidence of living naturally. We are called to live above the natural, but that doesn’t always mean there will be supernatural evidence – but there should be Spirit-natural evidence.

Bottom line: May I not depend on me, but may I live Spirit-naturally.

Affectionate or Obstinate?

The first league match for Bible Quiz was yesterday. That’s a different story. But the drive to Orlando and back gives me time to catch up on some of the podcasts I listen to.

One of those I’m trying to catch up with is Mark Carr’s at MyTrueLife. I was listening to the first in his series on the book of Ruth, when I heard this verse.

And Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.” – Ruth 1:14

Read the chapter and there’s no question that both Orpah and Ruth loved their mother-in-law. Much like we love God.

But are we obstinate or just affectionate? Do we only make a show of our love – even if the show is real, genuine and deeply felt – or do we cling to God for dear life?

Orpah was deeply affectionate, deeply moved by the thought of separating from Naomi. Ruth was obstinate, refusing to separate from Naomi.

Is there a point that we accept separation from the presence of God – painful as it might be – because we think we must in order to survive? Or do we simply refuse, no matter what it might cost?

The ending is instructional. Orpah does what she feels like she has to do for herself. She is not mentioned again.

Ruth’s determination leads to the mention of her name in the genealogy of Christ.


New BQ Season

Can you believe they’re playing hockey again already?

Well, the NHL doesn’t have anything on Bible Quiz. Having just officially ended the 2006-2007 BQ Season with National Finals in July (the Stanley Cup Finals ended June 6), the new season gets underway this Saturday.

I’ll be headed to Orlando for the the first league match for Pen. Florida. All the details are on the district TBQ website.

Headed to Lakeland

I’ll be in Lakeland this weekend for the All Church Ministries Convention, hosted by Lakeland Victory and generated by the Pen. Florida Assemblies of God.

I am teaching workshops on blogging/podcasting (yes, some in the class are looking at this right now) and Bible Quiz.

The blogging/podcasting workshop will be in the Media Center at 1:40pm Friday and 11:45am Saturday. The Bible Quiz workshop and Teen Bible Quiz coaches meeting will be in Room FLC 110 on Saturday.

For the “Ministry on My iPod” class, here’s an example of using a YouTube video in your blog. (It’s an old video we posted several months ago.)

Season 2 Begins

Finally got the 2nd Season of the Bible Quiz Podcast off the ground. I made some cosmetic changes to the show and I’m trying to focus more on Assemblies of God quizzing for the new season.

This is an example of a very niche podcast, and something I will be bringing up in my Blogging/Podcasting workshop at the Pen. Florida All Church Ministries Convention this weekend. My workshop is called “Ministry on My iPod” and the emphasis is on trying to get churches into the 21st century.

Fortunately, I have a list of good podcasts and blogs to point people to – without having them look at my pitiful offerings.

Random Thoughts

I’ve tried to keep posts to one subject, but there are too many little thoughts that don’t deserve their own post, yet deserve to be mentioned. Well, I guess you’ll be the judge of that.


Just finished reading a long discussion about the upcoming General Council of the A/G and the Relational District Resolution on the FutureAG blog. Interesting. I understand the reasons for the resolution, but I’m not convinced this (re)solution is the best one.


Mark Teixiera and a pitcher for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and five other players. I hate losing Salty. I think he’s going to be great. But I hope it works out for the Braves.


Much has been said and written about When Bad Things Happen to Good People. But why do Good People Do Stupid Things? {sigh}


I am reminded almost everyday that our time with all our children in the home is growing shorter. This is a golden time.


Speaking of our children, Sam and Shae are working hard, getting ready for next week’s National Fine Arts Festival. They are performing a sketch (along with their friend, Adam). Shae also has a Book Chapter entered. We leave Monday.


I have been sitting on an idea for a new podcast. For about a year. Sometimes it’s hard to pull the trigger.


A new poll is on the right side of the main page. If you don’t know what the poll is asking, choose “Neither”.


Many people participated in yesterday’s prayer and fasting for families. I’m looking forward to hearing some testimonies. I already know the enemy didn’t like it.


I feel sorry for Barry Bonds. I wish he wasn’t going to break the record, but I still feel bad that people treat him as an object, instead of a human being.


I haven’t done a new episode of the Bible Quiz Podcast since I went to Arizona, and I really need to. Hopefully soon.


We had a GREAT episode of the Church Drama Podcast on Sunday. Maybe it wasn’t so great – but I laughed much. It should be posted soon. (It’s taking forever to encode the video.)


I still like my iPhone. And next week – the new iMac!

Small World

Somehow I don’t think this will be the last post with this title. It always amazes and delights us when we run into someone we know that either, a) knows someone we know, b) has lived/lives somewhere we have lived/live, or, c) all of the above.

We – Ray, John, Paul, and myself…four Bible Quiz guys – headed to The Gallery today for a round of golf. Paul rode along while the other three of us played.

The interesting thing was, while we were driving to the course, Ray started talking about his son. I’ve known his son for a long time, and I knew he had recently moved from his church in South Carolina to a church in Texas.

Before I finish that story, I need to add that my roommate here in Tucson, Josh Weber, recently moved to the Tampa area from Nashville. He attended Cornerstone A/G, where a guy named John McKinzie used to be on staff. John is now lead pastor at Hope Fellowship in Frisco, Texas.

And it wasn’t until today, when Ray mentioned again about his son that I made the connection. His son, Scott Berkey, is children’s pastor at Hope Fellowship, not only the home of John McKinzie, but the new home of another old friend – that I’ve mentioned in this blog – Mark Lunsford.

Small world, indeed.

{Picture is of Scott Berkey’s dad, Ray}

Colorado Wins

In Bible Quiz news – isn’t that why you read this blog in the first place? – Church at Briargate, from Colorado Springs, Colorado defeated Cedar Park A/G from Bothell, Washington to repeat as Teen Bible Quiz National Champions.

After each finishing regular competition at 17-2, they played off for the championship. Tied after 17 questions, Briargate clinched it with a correct answer on the 20th (and last) question of the match.

Departures and Arrivals

Blogs are for deep thoughts, right? (Well, that, and stupid YouTube videos.)

Can’t avoid thinking of departures and arrivals at the moment. I’m writing this while waiting for my flight to Greensboro by way of Charlotte. Headed to this weekend’s Southeast Region Teen Bible Quiz Finals as part of my Pen. Florida District Coordinator duties. (For more on all that, listen to my podcast.)

It’s an old adage and true – every departure means an arrival…and vice-versa. You can’t get where you’re going until you leave where you’ve been. And – if people like you – the arrivals are happier than the departures.

My friend, Bob, is lying in a hospital room right now. They’re not sure what caused it, but he experienced renal and kidney failure, and pancreatis. His liver doesn’t seem to be working. Doctors haven’t given him much chance of making it.

Right now , we don’t know if Bob will be making his departure soon, or not. I hope not. I can’t imagine that God is done with what He wants him to do in this life.

But I don’t have God all figured out. I hope I never think I do. God is more complex than that. He’s bigger – big enough to not figure out. But He loves us, and does all of those complex things in order to simply love us and do what is best for us.

I hope that means that Bob’s departure is later rather than sooner, and that I’ll see him next week.

But if I don’t, I know I’ll see him soon.