A library in your pocket [Gator]

One of the coolest gadgets out there is getting updated. The updated Amazon Kindle, now version 2, was announced today. The first version was widely criticized for its clunky appearance, but actual users seemed to love their Kindle.

Version 2 actually looks kind of cool. What is it, you ask? It’s a web-enabled, anywhere, anytime, book-reader. It allows you to download books and magazines and other web content quickly. It will even read it to you.

UPDATE: 2/10/9…new links.

Jazz and Honey

I’ve been preparing for tomorrow night – Pastor is out of town, and I’m speaking.

In my preparation, I finally got around to reading Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller. We heard him speak at the Willow Arts Conference in June, and I’ve wanted to read his book ever since.

Great book. I can’t agree with him on everything, but part of what I got from the book was that we let those less-important things get in the way of true relationship.

So, while I may have different views on politics, social issues, and the importance of certain standards, he was very thought-provoking and made me reassess the priorities I give to certain things.

One of my favorite parts was his story of the confession booth he helped create on a college campus. I won’t spoil the story by telling it here, but I thought it was a great idea, and I hope others do it, too.

Even though I enjoyed the book, I don’t think I’m specifically using anything from it for tomorrow night. I think I’m only borrowing his attitude.