English girl

Our eldest monkey, Shae, is now in Nottingham, U.K. for a five month study abroad program at the University of Nottingham. She has started her own blog, My Life is Nottingham, to post details and pictures of her experiences. Check it out at


Version 4.0

Yes, another new look for the blog. My first non-traveling weekend in a while has resulted in some noodling with this site and a transition to a new Woothemes template – f0101 is the name of it. The biggest thing it had going for it was the ability to put the big picture of the family in.

I’ve also got an idea of how to make this blog actually useful. That’s coming. It’s another reason I had to change the look. There were structural changes under the hood as well.

More to come…soon.


Gorging at Life’s Buffet

It seems like I take on too many things at once. (Ever feel that way?) And I can’t quite seem to get enough done. (You might feel that way, too.)

Perhaps it’s part of the same problem that I – and Summer – have at restaurants. Everything looks good. It makes the deciding hard. Fish, chicken, steak…it all looks good. Choosing one thing invariably means that I won’t be able to do something else.

Unless I try to do it all.

That leaves you very uncomfortable at the dinner table. In the same way, you can be very uncomfortable when you don’t make the hard choices and limit yourself from sampling everything in life’s buffet.

You can have it all – but you will suffer for it.

But, even though I know it, sometimes we still choose to suffer. Like I am right this minute – writing on a blog, when I should be going to bed.

But this all started because of even one more thing that I’m trying to do – when maybe I shouldn’t. Something I’m working on in the background, that will be very closely related to this blog. In fact, it’s already hiding in plain sight. But it’s not time yet. Because I don’t have time yet.

But, soon… 🙂