Growing Up Pentecostal

Here’s a revealing video of Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Here’s a video of her at Wasilla Assembly of God, telling a little about her background, and growing up in that church.

What’s even more interesting is that this same video, and pieces of it, are being used by people who are scared of religious-right wing-fundamentalist-wacko-extremists.

Sarah Palin Speaking at a Church from Vimeo.

An alternate source is this one, sent to me by Jim Wells. Thanks, Jim.

In case you said, Why her?

Did you know Sarah Palin, McCain’s new Veep was raised in the Assemblies of God and attends Juneau Christian Center, an AG church in Juneau? Interesting.

The following clip is from the Alaska District Council newsletter…

Wiilationships on iTunes

After several attempts, we were finally able to begin recording in our Sunday school class last week. The audio still isn’t great, but at least if you are not able to be with us, you can listen in.
Our class is called “Wii” and the broadcast is called “Wiilationships”, not because we play the Wii in class, or even talk about it (much), but because the idea of playing well together is what we’re trying to accomplish.
You’re invited to listen, comment on our blog, and play along.

36 – Day One

By reading the previous post, you probably know two things:

1) I’m in North Carolina, again, for the annual Southeastern University tournament at the Pearl in Calabash, NC. A group from our church has come to this tournament every year for the past several years.

2) I’m posting on my blog again. At least, I am during this tournament. If I have pictures to share. Otherwise, I’ll be updating everyone via Twitter. The easiest way to use Twitter is by following.

This picture shows Mark Carr, Phil Goss, and Wendell Williams at a very picturesque hole. I don’t think my iPhone quite captures it.


The common – and too easy – line is that the joke was on the church…or us.

It was eighteen years ago today that Trudi and I came to Faith Assembly. We had no idea we would be here this long or that our children would grow up here. We had hoped to make it 5 or 6 years before God moved us on.

An interesting 18 years, full of memories and people and experiences.

Sugar & Spice

This will obviously be used again in a more public place. You’ll have to provide your own punchline.

Wood on Mark

Dr. George Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, has a new podcast. It’s a study of the book of Mark and is available in audio or video. I think it’s pretty cool that he’s doing this. I just can’t decide whether to subscribe to the audio or video.

CDP #49 Finally Ready

Finally got episode 49 of the Church Drama Podcast up and going. As always, the video version is shorter than the audio version. In the audio version I mention a thought-provoking post from the blog of Jeff and Melodie Leake. He’s one of the guys that’s involved in the FutureAG blog.

Workshop Notes and Links

Thanks to everyone that came to the “Ministry on My iPod” workshop on Friday or Saturday. I hope you learned some things to help in your ministries. I know I learned a few things in the process of presenting the workshop.

I am currently working on the links and notes from the session. I am also working on a video using the presentation slides that I will post here when it is ready. Thanks for your patience.


Before I got my iPhone, I had been highly anticipating the ability to listen and watch podcasts on the phone. I previously had an iPod Shuffle, which lost a battle with a sharp object, rendering it useless. When I had the Shuffle, I had been able to listen to podcasts while grocery shopping. (Grocery shopping? you say. That’s a story for some other time.)

But I also have video podcasts that I subscribe to, and I wanted to get a video iPod, then they announced the iPhone. So I’ve been waiting.

Alas…some video podcasts do not work on the iPhone. Formatting issues.

However, I very much enjoy the ones I get to watch. Which brings me to the subject of this post. Even though the podcast I’m going to tell you about isn’t a video podcast at all, but simply a good audio podcast.

The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary has a couple of podcasts and I’ve been listening to the Chapel service podcast. Very inspirational. I especially liked the message by Earl Creps from October 2006. Check it out if you get the chance.


If you haven’t seen it, there’s a very interesting blog about the upcoming General Council and the election of the new General Superintendent. As blogs tend to be from younger people, this is a blog by younger ministers. Find it at