Don’t Underestimate The Elderly…

You honk at them for going 35mph on a 55mph road. You see them flood Denny’s for the early bird special. Elderly people, they may seem harmless, but they’re anything but that. I just happened to learn this the hard way.

On a rainy December day, I was bringing groceries to my Grandma, who lives in assisted living home. I was waiting by the elevator with the basket of groceries thinking to myself, “Wow, this is the SLOWEST elevator… I hope it’s packed in there?”. As I elevator finally came to the first floor I was relieved to see to would just be me and a security guard in the tiny elevator. Well that didn’t last long. I only needed to get to the sixth floor, but we were stopped at the third floor. As the elevator door opened I saw a massive crowd of elderly folk waiting to get in; I think I almost cried. “Let’s pile in! We have a bingo party to get to!” one elderly lady stated. I was scared. Nine people in a six foot by five foot , two canes, a walker, a dog, and my basket of groceries. Makes you feel claustrophobic just reading it. So we finally get everyone crammed in and make it to the sixth floor and as I start exiting the elevator my worse fear came true. Just when I thought I was in the clear, it happened. I felt a tiny elderly hand grab my bum. I thought I was going to collapse into the fatal position right there. I was to afraid to look back to see who the culprit  was and quickly walked away as fast as I could.

Things that I have learned from this incident:

1) Elderly people really do smell like soap.

2) Elderly people are inpatient when it comes to their bingo parties.

3) Elderly people should NOT be underestimated!

Church People… It’s Time You Get Called Out.

Leader– “A guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.”

Leaders are someone people can interpret many different ways. Some leaders are made over time and work. Some people may be born leaders. Leaders can be found in all aspects of life, sports, church, business, school, and just general life. Now not everyone accepts their roles as leaders, which is why we have so many “bad leaders” in the world. They sit there complaining how young people are horrible and don’t act right. They complain about how corrupt the world is. It’s because they refuse to lead! How can the blind lead the blind? It’s impossible! It’s time for adults to shut their mouth and lead by example. Stop complaining and make a difference.  Young people hear your complaints and we look at you and think, “you hypocrites!”. You want us to be better and you stay the same!? NO! There has to be a change. It will just trickle down throughout the generations. If you want to see a change in people, you either have to find a leader or become one. Stop waisting everyone’s time by sitting on your butt and not doing anything. In the same way don’t think teen can’t lead adults. WATCH OUT! I’ve seen more young people with the heart of a leader than adults! You want to see change? Stick 100 hungry teens looking for change in a room and watch the place get wrecked with anointing. You want to see how to passionately seek God? Watch a starving young person talk to God, it’s an eye opener. Young adults, teens, and kids are looking up to people who have no idea what God is about. They following people that are walking down the wide path to destruction. I’ve seen better leadership in thirteen-year-olds, than in most adults in churches. You show kids it’s okay to leave or cheat on your spouse. You show them it’s okay to have same sex marriages. You even show them that it’s okay to not follow every instruction by God all the time. Young people are begging for an example. Someone to show them what to do, to show them how to live, to show them what it TRULY means to be a Christ Follower. Step up or challenge someone who has the ability to lead this generation. Young people, find that Godly example. Find someone who will be able to lead. Find an adult, another young person, anyone that can help lead you to that narrow gate so many people miss. Run your race and don’t stray. It’s time for the church to stop fighting itself and start fighting the real enemy. It’s time to unite as the body of Christ and change the world. It’s time to do what so many have failed to do… START A FIRE FOR GOD! Never quit because God never quits on you. If you have those Godly leaders DO NOT take them for granted. They’re saving your life. Thank them. Appreciate them. Church people… You’v been called out. Now it’s time to decide if you can step up to the challenge?

Proud To Be A Weird American!

America would be absolutely boring if people, who have no lives, didn’t work hard at finding weird, useless, fact for people who are completely bored. Without those weird people, you would never know that the first toilet tank ever seen on television was on Leave it to Beaver. Without those odd folks, you wouldn’t know that ears of corn always have an even number of rows of kernels! It’s these simple facts of life that keep America great. Sure there are other things that truly make America great, but what other country would have bought Alaska from Russia for two cents an acre!? I mean, sure, dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors, but in America, only 55% of the population knows that the sun is a star. It just makes you proud to be an American! Yes, Indonesia consists only of islands – 13,667 in total, but in America, the most common mental illness is Anxiety Disorders. I mean you hear that and you just want to go wave your flag outside your house! Only in America could our 20th president of the United States, James Garfield, be able to write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same time. I don’t care who you are, that just screams USA! We’ll give Japan Mario, we’ll give Germany the Volvo, and we’ll even give the Dominican Republic over 30% of our baseball players; but in America we have our weird fact finders! That’s what makes America special. Sure Moscow weathermen can be fined for inaccurate weather forecasting, but here in America, more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury. God Bless America!!!

Is the “Big 3” a “Big Bust”?

They were brought in to start winning immediately. They were projected to ONLY lose TEN game, win the division, the conference, and the NBA Finals; yet they’re only leading their division by one game? The Miami Heat are the team in question, along with their “Big 3”, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James. Hyped up to be the greatest basketball team since the original Big 3 of Boston, the Heat haven’t lived up to their hype… so far. With an 18-8 record this season, the Heat are not the best team in basketball, let alone their own conference. The Boston Celtics are currently sitting atop the Eastern Conference at 19-4, and the San Antonio Spurs are quietly leading the NBA with a 20-3 record this season. The Heat are finally seeming to gel after they won their ninth game in a row against the New Orleans Hornets last night, 96-84. They seem to finally be looking like the team everyone thought they would be, but will they remain that team? Will they make the playoffs? Will they be crowned NBA Champions in their first season together? I guess only time will tell if they really are the new Big 3, or nothing but a Big Bust.

The Best Medicine

Ever feel run down? Ever feel sick and can’t feel better without crazy side effects? Well the best medicine has been discovered. Funny pranks. Whether it’s watching them on YouTube or pulling a prank yourself, you’ll feel like a new person after trying. Just seeing the look on the faces of your victims alone could cure you of the worst sickness. The scream of terror they let out during the prank can put the smile back on your face quicker than Usain Bolt can run. Why waist your time pouting and sulking when you can scare the pants of a friend or total stranger? All it would take is thirty minutes out of your day and you will feel good as new! What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled off?

Here’s a little medicine for those “grumpy gills”:

Will It Stand The Test Of Time?

Week, days, hours before Cam Newton won the 2010 Heisman Trophy the question was always, “Will he keep it or lose it due to off the field issues?”. Some say he knew about the money. Some say his father went behind his back and Cam knew nothing of the “play for pay” his father, Cecil Newton, had going on. There has even been an argument that between the stolen laptop while playing at the University of Florida, and the recent incident at the University of Auburn that Cam shouldn’t be eligible at all. The thing everyone seems to be overlooking is, where’s the proof? Yes, they’ve found out that his father did in fact put his son’s skills up for sale, but how do they know if Cam was involved? He admitted to his wrong doings while at Florida, he even hasn’t denied that his father has done wrong in this situation, but where’s the proof? People are wanting to crucify this college athlete before there is any real proof Cam Newton put his services up for hire. He was the clear choice to win the Hiesman Trophy, leading his Auburn Tigers to a 13-0 record which has landed the Tigers to a BCS National Championship against the Oregon Ducks January 10th. I say let him play. Let Cam Newton keep his hard earned awards. Let Cam and his friends and family celebrate his accomplishments. Once and IF they find hard evidence that Cam Newton has done wrong, THEN we can discuss if he should be allowed to keep his awards. Let’s just hope he’s not the next Reggie Bush.

I’m Baaaaack!

Hey everyone,

Well I’m back and better than ever! I took a VERY long holiday, but now I’m back up with new topics, more facts, cool videos, and LOADS of entertainment! So sit back, pop the popcorn, share the blog-a-palooza with your friends, and enjoy! Sports will be a big blog topic for Samtaculous. Funny videos, random facts, and other cool stuff is always a must for the blog. If you’d like to see more fun stuff feel free to check me out on Twitter (The_Real_Sammy) and my YouTube channel (Samtaculous). I also have a Facebook ( that I check frequently and posts some pretty cool things to. SO with all that said… Let us begin our journey! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

A day to remember yesterday…

Yesterday was filled with news. Good news, sad news, crazy news, and just news in general. It was the day of the NBA Draft. It was the day of big NBA trades. It was the day the King of Pop passed away. The draft pretty much went as expected, trades here and there, with the picks going down as expected. Blockbuster trades went down before the draft happened. With the day ending with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passing away in the UCLA medical center last evening. What a day of news…

Every blogger has talked about it…steroids…

I have to get this one done and out. Steroids are as bad as pot!!! I don’t  see why some people are ok with “role models” setting the example that it is ok.  Also where is the steroid testing in the NBA!?!?!?! There’s a good number of big name players that could easily be using! there is no steroid testing in high school in Florida anymore as well… something is wrong with that…