A Bottle of Dumb

The reviewer in our newspaper said that “Pirates of the Carribbean 3” was “yo-ho-ho and a bottle of dumb.” Very accurate. Sam was going to meet some other kids from the youth group to see it, but the whole family ended up going.

Shae is a huge fan. Unfortunately, this was a very long, very confusing mess of a movie.

But if you go – stay until the bitter end…AFTER the credits. It’s not over until it’s over.

Shae (16) leaves tomorrow with a group from the church for 8 days in El Salvador on a missions trip.


Speaking of departures and arrivals…

“Cheers” was a great television comedy. Yes, there was the drawback that it was all about a bar, so the material was not always fit to watch, but for the most part, it was consistently funny.

The best bits were with the Coach, Norm, and Cliff. Here’s a clip from the very first episode, with Ted Danson as the lead character, Sam Malone.

Did you know that it’s been exactly 14 years since the last episode of Cheers? Thursday, May 20, 1996. It really is coincidental that we watched that last episode in the hospital, while we tried to figure out what to name our newborn son.

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Departures and Arrivals

Blogs are for deep thoughts, right? (Well, that, and stupid YouTube videos.)

Can’t avoid thinking of departures and arrivals at the moment. I’m writing this while waiting for my flight to Greensboro by way of Charlotte. Headed to this weekend’s Southeast Region Teen Bible Quiz Finals as part of my Pen. Florida District Coordinator duties. (For more on all that, listen to my podcast.)

It’s an old adage and true – every departure means an arrival…and vice-versa. You can’t get where you’re going until you leave where you’ve been. And – if people like you – the arrivals are happier than the departures.

My friend, Bob, is lying in a hospital room right now. They’re not sure what caused it, but he experienced renal and kidney failure, and pancreatis. His liver doesn’t seem to be working. Doctors haven’t given him much chance of making it.

Right now , we don’t know if Bob will be making his departure soon, or not. I hope not. I can’t imagine that God is done with what He wants him to do in this life.

But I don’t have God all figured out. I hope I never think I do. God is more complex than that. He’s bigger – big enough to not figure out. But He loves us, and does all of those complex things in order to simply love us and do what is best for us.

I hope that means that Bob’s departure is later rather than sooner, and that I’ll see him next week.

But if I don’t, I know I’ll see him soon.


Everyone has them…things you thought you’d never do that you end up doing.

For instance, there’s an old Bill Cosby routine where he talks about kissing a girl and the punchline is “I’ll never do that!” It’s what children say – “I’ll never move away from home” or “I’ll never leave you, Daddy” or “I’ll never eat broccoli.”

As a child, and even later, as an adult, you have those moments where you think, “I’ll never do that.” Then, at some point, you’re doing exactly what you never thought you’d be doing.

Actually (and isn’t THAT an overused word? Marv Albert even uttered it as I wrote the last few words) my original thought – the one that started this post – is slightly different. There are things we thought we would never do, then there are things we never thought we would do.

That is, the thought of doing or not doing never even existed. You didn’t know it was possible. You didn’t know it could happen.

When I think about the things I thought I’d never do that I have done – they tend to be more negative than positive.

But the things I never thought I’d do that I have done – those tend to be more positive than negative.

Homeschool dad.

The possibility of being one was unknown to me when I was in high school. I had never heard of it. I thought about the possibility of one day being married and having children. But having children that did school at home, taught by their mother and me? Outside my universe.

As we end our 12th year of homeschooling – Shae is finishing 11th grade – it’s pretty cool to think about what we’ve experienced and how different raising our children has been than what I ever would have expected.

Shae got her A.C.T. scores back today. 31.

What a blessing.