New Family Addition

There are probably few opportunities left for us to have vacations with the whole family. Shae will be a high school senior this fall and after that – well, you just never know.

We all had a great time in Orlando – right after Fine Arts – at the end of April and beginning of May. We were given a week at Orange Lake. The free week cost us quite a bit – trips to Universal and Islands of Adventure, along with the premiere of Spiderman 3 at the new IMAX – but it was all worth it.

Along the way, it looks like we picked up a new member of the family.

Getting Started

3rd time to try this…the first try was too obvious, the second try too wordy.

No deep thoughts in this blog, just shallow musings…a lazy way to communicate to everyone I should normally write, email, or call on a regular basis.

First postings are always the hardest. Hopefully this will get better. Or more interesting.

Thanks to Mark Lunsford for inspiring this.