I’ve Been Working…Really

I’m in Arizona for the Assemblies of God’s Teen Bible Quiz National Finals. I’m representing Peninsular Florida in my capacity as District Bible Quiz Coordinator. National Finals began with some preliminary activity on Sunday, then a qualifying day on Monday with nine rounds of quizzing. That has been followed by the main competition on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is the last two rounds of quizzing, followed by playoffs and some individual and exhibition quizzing. My role in this has been to help officiate.

It has gone well, but there have been some long days. However, I have also been able to get in some golf.

Sunday afternoon, John Sullivan – from Houston – and I played at the Resort course here – a very nice and expensive, mountainous course. It was a lot of fun, but my game fell apart over the last 3/4 of the round. I think I shot about a 105 – after opening with two pars.

Yesterday, we traveled to north of the city to play at the Pines, a very nice, but cheap, course that is Arizona’s only quarry golf course. Up and down with lots of shots over ravines and gulleys.

It was a GREAT day. I shot an 81 – first time doing that in a very long time. And we played from the back tees.

I’m off to quizzing. And another round of golf tomorrow at the Gallery, where they play the Accenture Match Play Championship. We will be playing the south course, where they actually play the tournament.

Girls Night Out

Several factors were at work tonight.

– Sam and Shae are currently at Student Leadership 101 in Orlando.
– Big Bunco night at my house tonight for Trudi and her gang.
– A few weeks ago, we went to Pirates 3 and there was no sound for the first few minutes, so the theater gave everyone a free pass to another show.
– Summer and Sawyer (also known as Daisy and Petal) and I were homeless, looking for something to do.

Which is how we ended up at Evan Almighty.

I’ve heard this was an outreach film. In fact, at the Willow Conference there was Evan merchandise and “outreach” materials.

Yes, a pretty good version of God was in this, and thankfully, it wasn’t Steve Carrell. Despite the title, Morgan Freeman didn’t grant any supernatural powers to Evan. Morgan Freeman played it well and it was written well. My only objection was a reference to God being “in all things” – a very Buddhist view of things.

But I don’t see the real outreach potential of this, unless you’re evangelizing for the Sierra Club. Of course, when you start by equating the Creator to the Creation, I guess outreach becomes what you make it.

There were other good messages about “families sticking together” and Morgan-as-God’s assertion that “whatever I do, it’s because I love you.”

Apart from those good nuggets and some funny bits that made me laugh out loud, the movie was only so-so for me. It didn’t make me hate it or love it. But it is safe and enjoyable for the whole family, so I would recommend it. Especially if you have free passes.

Picture from the Arts Conference

Finally got some pictures from Rich from our trip to the Willow Arts Conference in Chicago. This is the main lobby outside of the Willow Creek Community Church auditorium. Just another little church struggling to get by.