Blog Van Winkle

As I mentioned in the last post, it’s been four years since I posted here, but it’s actually been EIGHT years since I’ve posted anything of a personal nature. (The last diary-type real post was this one, about my trip to the World Series with Sammy.)

While the blog’s been sleeping, just a few things have happened. It’s amazing how much can happen in only 8 years.

I won’t try to catch up with everything in one post.

Sammy & Victoria get engaged

But let’s go back to Sammy’s birthday, May 20, 2013. (Yes, this is even further back, to a point that the blog was still active. I don’t know why this wasn’t on the blog.) As part of his gift opening at our house, he had a gift for Victoria.

Apparently, I haven’t mentioned Victoria Muchmore on the blog before. Sammy and Victoria had been dating for awhile by the time of his birthday, and he was determined that it was time to move the relationship forward. Victoria, her mom, dad, and sister were all present when she received hers.

We couldn’t have been happier for Sammy, or more grateful that he was able to marry such a wonderful, Godly and wise woman as Victoria.

The ceremony didn’t place for over a year, on September 6, 2014.

On the big day

We are proud of them both, as they have gone into ministry, moved to Ohio, returned to Florida, been foster parents to many children, and eventually – after a very long process – adopted our first granddaughter, Piper Briann.


When Piper came along, Trudi and I gained new titles…Pops and Nan.

It has been very educational to see what Sam and Victoria have gone through in fostering, and what so many kids go through as they are put in the position to be fostered.

Currently their house is full of girls. In addition to Piper, there are Jade, Genesis, and Rose.

Well, that’s the beginning of catching up. Much more to go. 🙂