How it went

The tickets.

Okay, so I didn’t follow-up right away.

The trip to Boston was a success. Sammy and I flew out of Tampa and arrived at Logan International early Tuesday evening. On the plane Sammy thought he noticed former Red Sox catcher, Jason Varitek, on our flight. Sure enough, it was, and Sammy got his picture with Varitek once we got off the plane. (Confession: we saw Varitek stop in the restroom, so we waited until he came out before we approached for a photo op.)

Jason Varitek with Sammy.

We chose to travel the city and suburbs by mass transit rather than rent a car. That turned out to be a good choice. The T, as the subway is known, is good. Boston’s system, MTBA, seems to be well run. Since we were traveling during a cool fall week, we wouldn’t be experiencing the heat and sweat that might be present during the summer.

After traveling by train and bus for over an hour via the MTBA, we arrived at our hotel in the suburb of Wakefield. It was an older Clarion Inn. Parts of hotel had been updated, but we weren’t staying in those parts.

Some of the fall color we saw on the trip

There wasn’t much around our hotel in the way of restaurants or entertainment. We walked about ¾ of a mile to a little indoor mall that had a Fuddrucker’s.

After dinner we watched television in our less-than-modern room.

The next morning we travelled back to the city and spent the day sightseeing and shopping. (Shopping the way guys do, for souvenirs and stuff.)

We saw a replica of the Cheers bar and got a picture of Sammy in front of it. (He was born on the same day the finale of the series aired. And, no, he is not named after the fictional bartender of that series.)

In front of “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name, especially if it’s Sammy.

We followed part of the Freedom Trail and saw some of the historic landmarks. We ate pizza for lunch at Reginas Pizzeria, established 1926. Smallest public restroom I think I’ve ever been in.

We went to Fanuel Hall, the Old North Church, and Boston Common.

Then it was time for the main event.

We had delayed going to Fenway, because we didn’t want to get there too early. We didn’t know how much there was to see around the ballpark. If we had known, we probably would have gone sooner. Outside the stadium, along the first base side, the entire street is actually part of being “inside.” The opposite side of the street is all souvenir shops that ticket holders can spend time perusing.

We made it inside well before game time. Sammy stayed at our seats while I roamed the stadium and took some pictures. Fans were allowed to go pretty much anywhere before game time, so I went down to the box seats by the field, where I was close to the hundreds of media people doing pre-game interviews. I saw our pal, Jason Varitek.

The pre game was good and so was the game. The home crowd was very excited by a good start and the game wasn’t really close, but the crowd stayed excited and loud from first pitch until the last.

I got a good video clip of David Ortiz getting robbed of a home run by Carlos Beltran. Later, Ortiz would hit one way too deep to bring back.

Our view. Big Papi at the bat. 2013 World Series, Game 1.

Sammy and I got near an exit for the last few pitches, and when the 8-1 game finally ended, we rushed out to get ahead of the rush.

We would spend the night in the airport, waiting for our 5:30 a.m. flight back to Tampa.

It was a good trip.