The deal

After a growing sense that my clothes weren’t fitting correctly – and an increasing view of myself in the mirror – I decided to challenge myself for the month of June.

I called it The Deal, as in, I’m going to make a deal with myself. The Deal was this: no desserts, no between meal eating, no extra bread (sandwiches were okay, but no roll or garlic bread with the spaghetti), and whenever I was asked to go for a walk – an evening habit with the females of the house – I had to go.

It was NOT an all-out diet, otherwise I would have limited my portions a little more.

The only time I broke the deal was one night when it really looked like it would storm at any moment and I refused to walk. (It didn’t storm.)

The hardest part of the deal was the walking. I enjoy the company and time with my girls. I just dislike the actual walking.

The Deal began on June 1st and officially ended at midnight on June 30th. The picture shows my start and end weights. I celebrated on July 1st by having French toast for breakfast, but the only other thing I’ve eaten that I wouldn’t have eaten during June was a chocolate chip cookie.

Now…time to make your own Deal.