A new place for old stuff

Blogging is work. Not hard work like digging ditches or building a building. But it takes no small amount of effort. Mainly I’m thinking of the actual physical part of typing out words. There is also the mental part of determining what to write.

That’s my explanation for why I don’t post more often to this blog. I have found out – like many other people – how time-intensive regular blogging can be.

So, I started another branch of the blog.

Actually, I’ve taken some of the content from this blog and I’ve created a new place for it. You can now find the sermon series I have been posting in the “Learn” category of this blog at its brand new home – It makes sense for the series to have its own place. Now it does.

In the meantime, I’m trying to determine what content I really want to blog about here on the S-M Home. Most of the content I produce is found elsewhere. SO…for both of you that check in on this blog…thank you and I haven’t forgot you.

As a side note, I’m considering changing the look of this blog again. If I can’t produce content, at least I can make the old stuff look different.

Now head on over to the NUMB3RS blog. I’ve just posted the next chapter.