WordPress vs. WordPress

A little technogeekery for the non-technogeeks. is a WordPress blog. That means that I use the WordPress software to create, post, and manage this website. The WordPress software is open-source and can be downloaded for free from

DreamHost is my hosting provider. Not only do they host the domain – – they host all the sub-domains that I have created, including,, and

As you can see, having a hosting provider provides me with more flexibility and control. There are also some sub-directories you can’t see in my account that I use to store different things. I have a couple of websites that I play with – but I’m the only one who knows they are there. (If you’ve found them, let me know!)

The disadvantage of this strategy is that I have to keep the software up-to-date. While DreamHost makes this very easy (the video at the top shows how it’s done), it is still another step I have to take.

The easier path is to use One of the reasons I went to my own hosting provider was because I wanted my own domain name. This wasn’t possible through

Now it is. And this makes much more attractive. It is also – in most cases – much less expensive. If I’m only using my hosting provider for one domain, it only costs $15/year through That’s less than two months hosting with most hosting providers. also has a lot of built-in features, including stats, that can only be done through plug-ins with software. Working with plug-ins can be very time consuming.

I have also used and all the Googleness that it has.

But if you are considering beginning your own website, I would recommend looking at