The introduction I was supposed to give

Last summer I saw the video “Cletus Take the Reel” on YouTube. It was by some guy I had never heard of. Later I saw another of his videos and showed it to my family. They thought it was hilarious.

Eventually Sam and Shae found all of this guy’s videos and watched them over and over. I think Sammy has them all memorized.

Of course, the comic we “discovered” was Tim Hawkins.

Last fall Sammy and I, along with 2 of his friends, went to Punta Gorda to see Tim in concert. It was a phenomenal concert.

And I thought – “wouldn’t it be great to have him in concert at OUR church? We could do that!”

And so we are. And here he is – everyone give a warm North Fort Myers to Tim Hawkins!


THAT was I was supposed to say last night when I introduced Tim Hawkins. Instead, my brain had vapor lock and all I managed to say was “everyone give a warm North Fort Myers welcome to Tim Hawkins!”

There. Now it’s off my mind and we can move on.

It was a great night anyway.