Welcome to the Amazon

I generally stay away from New Year’s resolutions. A very cliched thing, in my opinion.

Instead, consider this an Old Year resolution, and what I would like to see happen in the next one.

As is the case for most bloggers, I would like to blog better. By that I mean more. More frequently. With more interesting things to say. With more things you can actually use and think about.

One thing I’ve meant to do is to become an Amazon associate. If you don’t know, you can link to stuff at, and if someone uses your link and actually buys something, you get a commission on it.

I love Amazon. I have an Amazon credit card. Most of the gadgety and tech stuff I buy comes from Amazon. I have an Amazon Prime membership, which gets me free 2nd day shipping on most items.

I promise not to overload the blog with links and commercials and junky stuff. But you might notice the Amazon search bar on the side (use it to find something, and if you buy it, I get a few pennies!).

And there are a couple of things I’ve read or used recently that I will be linking to. Hope you find it useful…and interesting…and better.