You never know

Boating on Lake Weir, originally uploaded by RevMcGator.

That’s a cliche that is used in many different ways, but ends up being true more often than not. “You never know.”

It’s true because we don’t know the future. We have a perspective on what’s happened in the past. We have a perception of what is happening around us at the present. We use both of those to help us predict what might happen in the future.

That’s especially true when we think about people.

But you never know.

Things happen we didn’t predict, and that can put a whole new set of circumstances in motion. And just when you think things are going to turn out one way…well, you never know.

“The Lord frustrates the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes. But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken.” Psalms 33:10-11

He knows.