Social Butterflies

I’m fairly internet/computer capable. I have this blog, plus a few podcasts, a Twitter account, an unused MySpace page, and a newly energized Facebook presence. On the right side of this blog page, you can see the things I’m connected with.

I follow a few people in Twitter, subscribe to several blogs, and listen to many podcasts.

The best blog post I’ve read recently was today’s from Mark Lunsford, via Dr. George Wood. (Nice one, Mark)

The Facebook thing is something that’s really been surprising. More surprising has been that, after some initial hesitation, Trudi seems to be enjoying her Facebook experience.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to add the junior high and elementary schools I went to into Facebook. (I only see the high school and college options.)

For those of you that haven’t tried Facebook yet, try it out. It’s kind of large and imposing, but fun once you try it. The important thing to know is that people can’t see your personal information unless you let them. Only your “friends” (people you specifically allow) can see the stuff you post on Facebook.

Another interesting thing is that all of these things can be associated with one another, so my Twitter posts get posted on Facebook as well.

Why all the different things? Well, they’re interesting to me. They also perform slightly different functions. I couldn’t fit all these thoughts on Twitter at once. And I didn’t really want to post them on Facebook. And you might even be wondering why I’m posting them here. But I can, so I am.

So…do you have a solution to my Facebook problem? Do you write a blog that I can subscribe to? Or have a podcast? Or have a Twitter account? Let me know.