Another Great Idea I Wish I Had Thought Of First

Joshua Cody at Church Marketing Sucks pointed out a relatively new blog that is absolutely one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen.

Prodigal Jon is a pastor’s kid and advertising person who has a couple of other blogs – that I guess were mildly viewed. But this one – Stuff Christians Like (* fixed link: 4/12/08, 1:12pm) – has caught fire. And for good reason. It’s hilarious.

I’ve spent the last few minutes trying to go through all his posts – he’s up to #141 and he only started the blog in January. The reason to read all the old posts are that they are timeless – and true. His topics have been varied, but all skewer the things Christians like, such as – Love Offerings, Saving Seats at Church, and the Side Hug.

Post #139 is about the Choir Side Step Dance, in which he writes:

Choirs invented this move in 1973 when they realized they wanted to dance a little but they didn’t have room on the stage. So they came up with this side move so they could still express about 12% of the funk without bumping into each other.

This is one of those sites that I know if my sister Tammy had seen it, she would’ve already emailed a link to me by now. (Check it out, Tam)