Wii Did It!

Count the McDaniel household among those that have come under the influence of the Wii.

After several months of casually looking, I walked into WalMart last Wednesday afternoon, only to be confronted by SIX Wii’s. I had promised myself – unbeknownst to Trudi and the kids – that if I saw one anytime, I would purchase it…if I still had the cash.

I’ve been saving birthday, Christmas, and casual money for a couple of years. My first goal had been a killer sound system for our big-screen TV. But that had been replaced by the goal of a new iMac. However, since I hadn’t been able to save a big enough amount, I had finally settled on purchasing a Mac Mini the next time they are updated.

Unless I saw a Wii first.

I did, so we are now the active owners of the Wii. I also got a couple of games and everyone has really gotten into it. Here you see Shae – who was unhappy to have her picture taken, but not enough to stop playing.