It’s a long Monday

Here’s your first look at the cover shot for the Scrooge 2007 DVD. This is one of several things I’m working on at the moment and one of the reasons that this post is on Tuesday instead of Monday.

You see, yesterday I thought it would be a perfect day to get a post out and start a regular habit of posting every Monday.

Here are the current and upcoming things I’m on right now:

  • The Scrooge DVD. First and second acts are cut and rendered. Working on the cover. Still have to do front title, end titles, and second disk elements. Then the DVD itself with menus and stuff.
  • Helping FLOCS with their Fine Arts festival, which is this Friday and Saturday. I might be going up on Friday for a few hours to help.
  • Just posted the audio and video for episode #57 of the Church Drama Podcast. Pretty good.
  • Some time this week I need to get ready to teach this Sunday in our Wii Sunday school class. It’s my turn. We will be talking about my main temperament – the S-Phlegmatic-Ox.
  • Then there’s the church administrator stuff. Signs, maintenance, preschool, bills, blah, blah, blah…
  • American Idol. Watching as I type.
  • Bible Quiz this weekend in Orlando. Last league match. I’ll be coordinating the Southeast Regional in May.