You Never Know, part 2

The very long sad tale in my last post was leading towards a big finish…then I got sidetracked and never made the point I was headed for.

Which – before I get sidetracked again – was this…{drum roll}…you never know.

That’s it. “You never know.”

You think you know. You think you will know. You think that surely God would give you a hint, a sign, a feeling…something. Somehow, someway, with all the circumstantial evidence and bits of data, you think you would be able to predict, to piece together all the clues.

Have I completely lost you yet?

The whole departures/arrivals theme is fresh in my mind due to being on this current trip, plus other personal departures and arrivals that I have (and in some cases, have not) blogged about.

And, ever since the passing of my friend, Bob, this thought has percolated, finally taking shape this weekend – you never know.

I didn’t really know when – or if – any of my flights would depart. I didn’t know when they would arrive. I wasn’t in control of any of it.

That’s so true in so many ways in the departures and arrivals we experience in life.

People depart – and it’s not always in our control, no matter how much we wish it was.

I don’t have an ending for this…so I’ll stop now.