Fireworks and Loud Music

Fireworks and loud music.

I’m sure that’s what every signer of the Declaration of Independence had in mind 231 years ago.

On the philosophical side of things – isn’t that the way it is with most things? No matter what the original purpose and intent of your actions, there are always unexpected consequences and tangents that are created later because of what happened.

Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving…I’m sure that everyone that first celebrated those events – from the early Christians to the Pilgrims and others – would be astounded on what happens on these holy-days. Likewise, many of the things we take for granted as being part of the Independence Day tradition weren’t even dreamed of back then. Hot dogs. Baseball. Lee Greenwood. Mall parking lots.

So, there we were last night – the 3rd, not the 4th of July – in the parking lot of the Miromar Outlet Mall, listenening – and sometimes trying not to listen – to very loud blues, jazz and rock ‘n roll by the Mambo Brothers Blues Band, waiting with thousands of other people for the fireworks. It was scheduled for “dusk” – which really meant 9:30pm.

<---Mr. Happy smiles for the camera.

It was a very good show, when it finally started. These are a couple of pictures from my iPhone.

After it was over, and we got back to the van – it was another 45 minutes getting out of the parking lot through the mass of cars. We were very glad we went. Another great family outing.

Happy 4th!

Below: Trudi, Shae and Sam put up with Dad, although Sam can’t figure out what I’m doing.