Mother Needs a New Dress

Shae and Sam returned this afternoon from Youth Camp, speaking high praise of the camp speaker, Jason Maupin. They seemed to have a great time. Hopefully the spiritual content was rich.

More remarkably, when I dropped them off Monday morning to board the bus, Shae handed me $40. “This is the ‘Mother-needs-a-new-dress Fund’.” Apparently, the four kids were disappointed that even though their mother got really nice jewelry for Mother’s Day, she didn’t get a dress. So, they each chipped in, and wanted me to go buy her a dress for this Sunday.

I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to. I wanted Trudi to have new clothes – I didn’t really want the kids to have to pay for it. I decided that it was a great thing for them to do.

But this week was busy. So I waited until today, and when they got back from camp, I took Shae to the store so she could pick out the dress.

Trudi loved it. She looks great in it.

We’ve got great kids.