Our Place

No picture with this post – but there is a new poll!

The question I asked myself was – if our family were to have a website, what would the name be?

For some reason – I can’t remember why – I went to bed last night wondering if my name was available as a dot com domain. That is, is TimMcDaniel.com available? (It’s not, although no website comes up when you go there.) How about McDaniel.com? (No.)

That made me ponder…if our family – me, Trudi, Shae, Sam, Summer, and Sawyer – were to have their own web site, what would it be called? So, I set some ground rules…

– It would be a .com – not a .net, .org, or any other dot something. A website with a .com just sounds better.
– It has to be relatively short. You don’t want to have to enter a long name. That eliminates TimTrudiShaeSamSummerSawyerMcDaniel.com. That was Summer’s first suggestion. (It’s available.)
– It has to be easy to understand when you say it. You don’t want to have to spell it out every time you say it. FamMcDan.com is short, but you would definitely have to spell it out when you’re telling someone about it. (Say it out loud. See?)
– It has to be easy to spell. Shae’s favorite was MassPandemonium.com. Could you spell it without looking at it?
– It has to relate to our family somehow.
– It has to be available.

With those basic ground rules, I came up with a short list of possibilities and created a poll for everyone to vote on. That’s what you see on the right side of this page. Here is a brief explanation or comment on each choice.

– McDanielTribe. I think that was a Shae suggestion.
– McDanielNation. Like GatorNation.
– McDanielCentral. Basic.
– McDanielSix. It’s already Trudi’s web address, so we have a connection.
– TimandTrudi. Eventually the kids will be gone and have their own web sites.
– GatorMonkeys. On the other hand, they’re still here, and they’ve always been my little monkeys.
– SixMcs. Pronounced “sixmix”, thereby violating rule #3, but it sounds nice.
– Other. That’s what you choose when you have a better idea.


Please vote. I’d love to know what you think. And if you come up with a better name, let me know. Either send me an email or post it in the comments. Don’t know that we’ll ever use it, but it’ll be fun for me to think about.

(The poll generator lets you vote once a day. The poll results page comes with ads…not mine, just part of the poll generator.)