All the Drama

Here’s the commercial…

The Church Drama Podcast is a little show a few of us do every week…except we’ve missed a week or two in the last month. It’s supposed to be about drama, but ends up being about whatever our discussion leads us to. But we do include a sketch and some pseudo-drama every time.

This picture is from the video version of our podcast. (I post both an audio and a video version of the podcast.) This isn’t a shot that you’ll see from the show…it was taken just prior to the latest episode.

We have fun. At least I do – I think Steve, Trish, Mary-Jane, and Trudi do, too. If you get time, give a listen. (The audio version is longer – I don’t edit out anything – but it takes less effort than watching the video.) And if you know someone interested in drama, let them know about us.

The links to the show are on the right side of this blog. (